Youth Judging Team Opportunity

2016 Youth Judging Team

Looking for TAHSSD youth members who would be interested in joining a youth judging team with an end goal of competing in the 2016 Arabian Horse Judging Contest held at US Nationals in Tulsa, OK.

  •   Team consists of 4 members
  •   Must be 19 years or younger as of January 1st
  •   Hold practices once monthly starting March and increase practices nearing August.
  •   Plan on traveling several times throughout the year to different barns for practice
  •   $100 per team to compete at nationalsGeneral information about judging:Horse judging contests challenge youth and young adults to learn basic horse judging principles and develop their decision-making, public speaking, and reasoning skills. Contests are composed of two parts: placings and oral reasons. Youth will be judging 4 halter and 6 performance classes with each class containing 4 horses.

    Contestants’ placings of the four horses in each class are compared to the ideal placing, decided on by a panel of official judges, and scored out of a maximum of 50 points. Points are deducted based on how differently the contestant placed the class in comparison to the official placing. Oral reasons are approximately 2 minute speech, without notes, defending the contestants reasoning for placing the class the way he or she did.

    There are costs included in the team. Members who join the team must be willing to help with fundraisers or sponsorships. All costs that are not covered by fundraising will be parent’s responsibility including splitting my cost as a coach. Some costs included are:

 $100 per team entry fee at Nationals
o This includes 5 exhibitor pins (team and coach) & 5 breakfast tickets for awards

 Each additional ticket for parents is $15 per

  •   Hotel room costs in Tulsa (3- 4 nights) $100-$150 per night depending on when and where booked.
  •   Meals during our stay
  •   Fuel costs
  •   Team attireI am still looking for opportunities to travel and participate in other competitions for practice. These will probably be at other Arabian barns that are willing to donate their time, knowledge, and horses. Please take time considering your commitment and able involvement before joining the judging team. Deadline for joining the team will be February 1, 2016. Contact Patty @ 360-5714.

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