Thank You Volunteers & Workers for The 47th Annual Spring Arabian Horse Show

Another show in the books and it sure was a wonderful show.  A lot of work goes into putting on this show and there a number of people behind the scenes that do a ton of work and TAHSSD would like to thank you all for your help.

  • We would like to Thank Heather Carlson, Jen Carlson, and Ruth Charpie for all their hard work at the show.  Wonderful Job!  Thank you for always being so pleasant at the show and being accomodating to our patrons.
  • Huge Thank You to Keith McGuire.  The work done on the footing at the show was wonderful.  Keith put a lot of hours in and used some of his own equipment to make this happen.  Keith the footing helped make our show a success we can’t say Thank You enough for your work all 4 days.
  • Thank You to our Show Committee, you know who you are and the work that was put in.  Great Job!!
  • Thank You Susan Maier for keeping things going in the paddock.
  • Thank You to our Gate helpers Connie Schnaible, Karen Kerkaert and Kathy Gillen.
  • Thank You to our Thursday Night helpers – Thaddeus Knigge, Sydney Schulz, Ally Brost, Jamie Brost, Chris Stewart, Tammy Stoel, Eric Hamilton, Kinsey Hamilton, Sondra McPadden, Kate Flakus, Rob Christensen, Christi Gilliland, Karen Kerkaert, Heidi & Kathryn Ode, Mia Anderjeski, Jenna Kerkaert, Natalie Stewart, Abbey Stegenga.
  • Thank You Eric Hamilton for running the Bobcat and making some final touches to the dirt in between the stalls and moving shavings around.  Very much appreciated!
  • Thank You Rob Christensen for taking the time to make up the photo booth last minute.  Thank you also Rob and Kate for your extra effort in hauling plants and bark for our center ring.
  • Thank You to Leigh Reipma & Kate Flakus for setting up the youth photo area.
  • Thank You to Kristen Seguin and her team for handing out ribbons and handling the exit gate.
  • Thank You Mark Jakopak for being our Farrior.  Thank You to you and Summer for your help in the center ring.
  • Thank You to Doug Nickel for being our announcer and coming through for us last minute.  We all appreciate it.  Great Job!!

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