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In this edition of “Trainers Corner”, we profile Kinsey Hamilton, from Glory Bound Arabians.  Kinsey is currently serving as Secretary for TAHSSD.  We took a moment and Kinsey graciously gave her time to answer some questions for us as the first profile of a trainer for “TRAINERS CORNER”.

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-How would you describe what you do?
I train horses mostly for showing and give riding lessons to people either looking to show their horses or just get more comfortable handling their horse. I also do clinics with people who may be having issues with their horses or are trying to start a young horse.

-What is a typical work day for Kinsey Hamilton?
A typical work day begins with feeding horses. This is a long process because each horse is on a specific diet according to what they do. Then it’s time to muck out the horses stalls. Next on the list is to start working horses and or giving riding lessons. During the summer this lasts most of the day. In the evening it is time to feed the horses again.

-Tell us what makes the Arabian Horse your primary breed of choice?
The Arabian horse has always been special to me. I grew up working with them and showing them and they will always be my favorite breed. I love how intelligent they are and their beauty can not be beat.


-How did you get started?
I got started into horses because my mother was in love with them. I started riding when I was a year old and did my first horse show when I was two years old. I was quite obsessed with horses since I can remember. I steered training horses when I was 14 years. I did not really set out to train it just happened because a friend of my moms asked me to work with one of her horses. After that people started asking me to work with their horses too and I just continued from there. 

-Hows does one go about educating themselves on horse ownership?
The best way to educate yourself on horse ownership is asking around. I think the best resource is always people who have experience. Another great way is to go to as many clinics or seminars as possible. Books and videos are also really great resources in learning.

-How does a person interested in riding, adult or youth, go about learning what is involved and how to get started?
The best way to learn to ride is to get lessons with a trainer. I recommend taking lessons with as many different trainers on as many different horses as possible. You never know what sort of riding you will really like until you try different ones and find the style you really like.

-Young Horses – How does their training begin and when are they ready for competition or hard riding?
Every young horse is different. Some can handle competing earlier then others while some need more time to mature either mentally or physically. Training young horses requires patience much like training a child. You have to know how to push each horse to the best of their abilities and let the horse tell you why kind of riding they would like to do. Some end up not having the mind for a certain discipline even though they are bred for it.

-How important is Horsemanship?
Good horsemanship is the key to good riding. Horses are pretty complex creatures and if you do not take the time to understand them it’s will make working with them much harder. The trick is to learn to take each horse as an individual and not put them in some kind of mold you expect them to fit into. They all have different personalities and quirks. 

-Favorite Horse Memory?
It is hard to pick a favorite horse memory I have so many of them and every year I make more favorite memories. I guess if I had to pick, one of my favorite times was on my very first horse. When I was younger I had a dream of becoming a jockey. I use to take my horse and ride into the bean fields and pretend the rows in the field were the starting gates of a big race and I would run my horse as fast as I could and imagine racing. It was so fun to do! 

-Lastly can you provide contact information for your services?
You can contact me through our Facebook pags at either Kinsify Your Horse or at Glory Bound Arabians. There are a ton of pictures and things to look at and we are always looking for feedback


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