Youth Meeting Minutes from September 25, 2016


September 25th, 2016

10 members present

We signed 30 Thanks you’s to our contributors for the silent auction; from last spring show. We will include a request to contribute this year.

High Points are due to Denise Haertel ASAP

We decided on holding a Krispy Kreme Fundraiser. I will look into the specifications.

We voted on having a White Elephant Exchange the first part of December. We voted to ask Deb regarding using PPA lounge again.


We voted on having the Dog Costume Contest for the Spring Show this year; not inviting the public to participate just attendees of the show.
We also decided to look for another organization to participate with the Dog Show.


We voted on asking Pizza Ranch to donate 25 instead of 30 pizzas for the Spring Exhibitor Supper; that the youth host. I will approach them regarding this sponsorship.

We voted to ask Patty Hoefker to hold a clinic on Show Horse Care Clinic: tail wrapping, hoof care etc. There will be a fee for this class. More information to follow.

I am in search of a parent(s) that would like to be able to head these areas this Spring Show:

1)  Silent Auction , Friday thru Saturday . This would involve collecting items from youth, organization/ set up of Auction, contacting winners and collecting money.
2) Exhibitor Supper, on Friday night at 5pm.  That would involve meeting Pizza Ranch at the fairgrounds, set up and distribution of pizza. Collecting the donation of drinks for the supper.
3) Pet costume Contest   This would include checking pets in and getting donations for entry  to our benefit our pet organization group (undecided yet) I will get the 3 sponsors for prizes we award.

Thank you for any help you can offer. I am chairmen of the sponsorship committee for the Spring Show. If you can think of any possible contributors please contact me.


Amy Schulz

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