2013 Annual Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes
2013 Annual Meeting
January 13, 2013
Christy and Ellen Mayo, Martha Helland, Miles and Maggie Lacey, Mary Lou Lacey, Tammy Stoel, Kristen and Mitch Segoin, Melissa Long, Deb McGuire, Wendy and Cassie Hartman, Susan Maier, Leigh, Riley and Lauryn Riepma, Lisa Hanisch, Joel Assid, Carin and Samatha Rosinsky, Denise and Haley Haertel, Sondra McPadden, Deb Risty, Kari and Jenna Tekolste, Eric Kobernusz, Linda Wieman,and Heather Carlson
The meeting was called to order by President Christy Mayo at 1:20
pm.  Reading of last year’s annual meeting minutes by Mary Lou Lacey. Minutes were approved.
a)Secretary-The new membership form will be posted on line on the new website.
The high point account was depleted and
we have the Money Market account with $2797.05.
Show account: $14,314.63
General account: $434.16
Youth Checking account: $2084.13
We will pay for the High Point Awards ½ out of the General account and ½ from the youth account. Tammy discussed the show money market account and asked everyone what the original purpose of the saving account was for. Linda Wieman thought it was for the scholarship fund. Denise said we could use it for both High Point and the scholarship award. Denise made a motion to change it to the High Point and Scholarship Fund. Martha Helland 2nd, Motion passed.
-Martha reminded everyone of the official by
-law change to read emails and reply to those that need a reply and to vote on the ones that need a vote. This is very important to do club business properly electronically. Heather Carlson said that the subject line should state what the email pertains to so that it does not get overlooked.
Region X meetings
-Again no one attended any region meetings this past year.  Chris showed everyone a list of the meetings for 2013 that she included in everyone’s packet. We should at least attend two meetings through out the year. You only need to be a delegate to attend, not a board member or an officer of the club. Heather Carlson and Deb McGuire volunteered to be delegates agreed to attend one of and attend at least one meeting each. Chris will send out or post a list of meeting dateson the website as it was discovered that the meetings were not on the list in the packet.
a)Horse Fair
-Mary Lou read results of the Consignment booth. The youth made $85.00 on donated items and $72.17 on stick horses and face painting. They made $461.73 on the consignment sale and we paid $86.27 to the SD Treasurer for sales tax.
b)Tammy said she would be willing along with Barb Jurgens do an Arabian breed demo and booth at the horse fair.Only Two horses per breed can come in to the arena. Jayne Solberg does not want to do it again. There is a cost to do a breed booth. There is a cost involved. Tammy will check with Doug Nichol to make sure she can do it. Tammy is not looking for club reimbursement to do this. She will find the AHA stuff that Jane brought. Someone said she got it from AHA. Christy requested that Tammy keep us informed on it.
c)Spring Show
-Heather Swanson is sick with the flu, so Christy read her report. The dates are April 20 – 21st, 2013 Christy asked if we should keep it as a Region 6 and 10 qualifier? Heather Swanson reported it could possibly be two Region 10 shows. Linda thought the 6 show would not help us at all. Region 6 is in Rapid City now this year. If we have both (6 and 10) it is easier for the pinto group. EricKobernusz said we need both a 6 and a 10 qualifier. Heather Carlson said what about adding sport horse classes to the show? We would have to cover Judge costs. This would add to the horse numbers. She said she had people who would sponsor Judge costs. If we add sport horse in hand or under saddle. This can be done in a one day format. It opens up options for people to do more with their horses and for the youth to try new things. Heather Carlson will put something together on it. About $1,000.00 is needed for costs. Need volunteers to help out. Talked about dressage outside. The weather is also iffy at that time. There would need to be 12 halter classes and 8 riding classes for the sport horse addition. Heather Carlson and Martha Helland will come up with a proposal and send it out to everyone.
Run it by Heather Swanson first. We need sponsorships for this show. There is a copy of one in your packets. Martha reminded us we should all go out to try to get sponsors to this show even if it is for $25.00.
d)Open Show
June 8th, 2013 _See the note in your packets from Kara Semmler. Deb McGuire said they would take the open show on and maybe try to expand it. Denise Haertel said we should try to do a show in September. This year stay status quo and we will promote it and add in some fun classes. Eric Kobernusz asked if we could add reining classes into the Open Show. Tammy Stoel asked for a spotted class. If we got Pinto approval it would be huge. Everyone agreed that we need an open show. Chris will send out an email on the dates available for the open show. First weekend in June? Susan Maier agreed to sponsor the extra costs of the large arena versus the small one so that we could use the large arena. She needs to know the date. Check to see what the Southeast people are doing for dates. Susan has the forms to check into Pinto approval. We will wait to see what they say before we vote on a date.
ELECTION OF OFFICERS: Board members Eric and Christian have one more year. Kari Tekolste and Amy Arndt have agreed to stay on. Mary Lou has agreed to stay on Tammy has agreed to stay on. Christy requested nominations for Vice – President. Deb McGuire has volunteered to fill the Vice President position, Denise Haertel seconded, motion passed: Deb McGuire is the new Vice President.  Christy requested nominations for President.  No nominations for president were offered.  Martha moved to have Christy stay onas President and Linda Wieman seconded, motion passed.
We need a new coordinator for the youth club.
We will now have Carin Rosinsky as the youth leader with Leigh Riepman, Amy Arndt and Mary Lou Lacey as assistant leaders.
Region X scavenger hunt:Leigh Riepma reported
-It was very successful. We had a nice sponsorship for the prizes.
The Breast Cancer event prevented it from flowing very well. They interfered with each other. Chris asked Leigh to contact Hillary Hoffman about the conflict with the Breast Cancer event. Riley said the youth wanted to do more with it and wanted to keep it going.
-application is on the website. Deadline is April 1st.
New TAHSSD Website:http://tahssd.shutterfly.com/     Amy Arndt is the new webmaster
Sioux Empire Fair Arabian show will not be run by Heather Swanson this coming year. Linda Wieman said it still needs to be kept going. Deb asked if it could be a community show? Linda Wieman said we would have to go over Doug’s head to upper management if we want it to change.
Martha talked about a new clinic that she is sponsoring Feb 16-17th. Diane Sept, from Pennslyvania is the trainer. Martha handed out a flyer on the clinic. If any profit is made on the clinic it would be donated to the High Point program. Deb McGuire moved to adjourned the meeting and Denise Haertel seconded. Motion passed HIGH POINT AWARDS
Mary Lou Lacey handed out the High point awards for Amy Arndt.

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