For 2016 the Highpoint program will have a few changes.

In the past our Highpoint has been more of a participation event with the numbers being so low everyone received an award.  The Highpoint program now will be more of a competition with the winners getting very nice awards.  The goal would be to win the Highpoint you are actively showing and promoting your Arabian Horse in the Class A and Open Divisions.

The goal for the program would be to change the awards into 1 or 2 awards for each category.

CLASS A – OPEN          13 AND UNDER          14 TO 19        19 AND OVER

Each rider would accumulate points in all classes and halter/showmanship.  Each rider would accumulate points as a horse/rider team.  Each horse/rider teams would accumulate points seperately.

The program would also a charge a one time $10.00 entry fee with your registration form for each horse/ride combination.


This is a great program to keep track of achievements throughout the year with your fellow club members and then receive a nice recognition and gift at the end of the year banquet.  In past years gifts have included clothing, jackets, garment bags, and so on all with the TAHSSD logo – well worth the effort and fun especially for the young riders.  It is very easy to participate!

* REGISTRATION FORM – this is the first form and you just need to fill this out and either send or email back to me so that I know that you are going to be in the program for this year.  This form only needs to be submitted once for entry into the program.  There is no fee for participation other than you must be a current TAHSSD Member and your dues must be current.  Also, if you are competing in the Class A Highpoint, please note that I have added a line for you to give me your AHA number so I can run the Class A list at the end of the year more easily from the online databank.

* SHOW RECORDING FORM – this is the form that you should fill out and send to me after each show (or the end of the season if you are a procrastinator).  Take note that the rules require that if it is an Open Show, it must be signed by the Show Secretary and if it is a Class A show, a results printout off of the AHA website is sufficient.  Also make sure to count the number of horses in each class and include that on the form as well.  Remember that only those shows submitted will be counted and it is your responsibility to send in points in order to qualify.

*  ENTRY FEE –  There will be a $10 fee beginning in 2016 to participate in the High Point Award program.

Denise Haertel

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